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Add Your Logo & Theme

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Upload Your Course

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Launch Your App
Exclusive Features

Why FynLearn?

White-label app

Fully customizable app interface to create your application as you want it to be

Video Conferencing

Frictionless video or audio meetings with a single person or a team

Recorded videos

Create and upload video sessions for your audience in a single click

Exams and homeworks

Conduct online exams and submit homework with ease.

Students corner

Allow students to showcase their talent in the social tab of your platform

Payment Gateway

Hassle-free payment transactions. Transffered directly to your bank account

E-commerce Module

Display and sell items to your audience. Books, study materials and more.

Chat and Forum

Effortless connectivity options. Focusing on mindfulness along with e-learning.


AI based assessment and reports to grow your platform to new heights.

Unique feature

The Future Of
e-Learning Platforms Is Here

Say Hi to the future of online learning platforms.
is more than just an e-learning platform. Unlock unlimited learning possibilities for your organization using our AI-based student assessment system and a user-friendly backend. FynLearn allows organizations to focus on the physical and mental wellness of their audience through continuous monitoring. Our powerful software and hardware integration opens new opportunities for your brand to expand the business. Organizations can interact and share feedback with their audience securely through the FynLearn platform. We strive to provide efficient features for hassle-free learning management.

Virtual Classrooms
For Schools

FynLearn brings all the significant features of a classroom to the virtual world. Our cutting edge hardware and software integration makes online learning process more interactive and user-friendly. Create and launch your online course to the students without worrying about privacy. All the content you upload to the platform is encrypted and stored in our secure cloud servers.

Coaching Institutes

At FynLearn we are excited about training, coaching and educating virtually. Our customized e-learning solutions are designed to face the demands of the future also. As a coaching institute owner, you can create a sophisticated online learning platform using FynLearn's innovative white label app interface and structure your courses in a dynamic and efficient way.


FynLearn's smart digital learning features like live classes, mock tests, quiz, live doubts supports, and more makes it the perfect solution for academy's to reach their students virtually. Our AI system analyzes the strength and weakness of each students on the basis of collected data and suggests the best learning path. Having FynLearn as your partner in learning will boost up the performance of all students in your academy.

Corporate Training

FynLearn is here to make corporate training available and accessible to employees anywhere and at any time. The flexibility that comes from the unique features of FynLearn Platform gives corporations the ability to improve the performance and efficiency of their training programs. Our cost-effective learning solutions will make your corporations training programs convenient, comfortable, and ongoing.

FynLearn featured at GITEX Future Stars 2021

We pride ourselves on being featured in the GITEX Future Stars 2021, a tech expo bringing the most inspiring ideas on business transformations around the world into a global stage.

October 17-20, 2021

World Trade Center, Dubai

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Yes you can. FynLearn's easy onboarding process allows you to set up your online coaching platform in just 4 easy steps. 

Yes you can. FynLearn is a white-label platform and you can customize it as you wish. Use your logo, select the theme that suits your requirement and upload your course. You are ready to launch. It is that simple. 

Yes. FynLearn can be set up as n Android only platform.

Yes. FynLearn is available on Android, iOS and Web platforms. Choose the one according to your requirements.

There are no hidden charges. We provide the platform as a service and our pricing is always transparent.

A few minutes. Upload your logo, select the theme and structure your course. Your e-learning app is ready to launch. 

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